January 10, 2010

Feedback time

I have been hard at work in the last week trying to get this blog just right.  While it’s been quite a bit of work and it’s not done yet, it’s been fun to go freebie hunting for all of you.  I have received very positive feedback from a few visitors but many more visitors just stop to find the freebies and move on.  I expected that but I would like to know if you are finding the things you like or if you really need or want this blog to exist.  I know that there are other freebie hunting sites around and I want to make sure that there really is a need to be filled here.  So I’d like some feedback.

  • Are you happy with just the freebies or do you want more?
  • Should I expand to add the other categories? 
  • Do you like the format? 
  • Do you find the blogroll on the bottom useful? 
  • Are there too many freebies being posted everyday?  LOL!
  • Would you like a separate post for each category? 
  • What else would you change or add if you could have this blog set up your way? 

I have put a lot of thought into these things but I’d like to hear what you want. 

Here are the categories I have in mind:

  • Store Spotlight – A spotlight of a digital scrapbooking store with a review of products, the forum, or anything else normally found in this type of store/site.
  • Designer Dish – A spotlight of digital designers with a Q&A.
  • Fab Finds! – This could include great sales, nice kits for sale, fun challenges or anything else I find interesting.
  • Lovely Layouts – A showcase of some nice inspirational layouts I find in any number of galleries I visit.  I could maybe make a coordinating template available for you to scrap lift the layout.
  • Tutorials – Either a tutorial written by me or a focus on a tutorial I have found on the web that can help you in your digital scrapbooking.

For the store and designer spotlights, I’d like to see if there are store or designers that be willing to provide either coupons or gift certificates to the readers of this blog.  There could be a spotlight on a store once a month and a designer once a month.  That is, if you want to see them.

Again, I would really like feedback from you.  The more feedback the better this blog can be.  I am open to any and all suggestions.  You can leave me a comment here or send me an email.  My email is in my profile.

Thanks for visiting.  I really appreciate knowing that there are people out there getting something out of my fun little hobby.


  1. Your ideas are good. Of course, there can never be too many freebies! The Fab Finds is a good idea unless it turns into an advertising frenzy. Thanks for all you do. Great site.

  2. Thanks Betsy. I definitely do not want it to be all about advertising.

  3. I think your site is great.
    You are doing a great job.
    I for one appreciate all you are doing to keep freebie hunting alive & easy for everyone.

  4. I love this site...I spent an hour looking through it today...lol...I will be placing your blinkie on my blog and mentioning you in my next post...Once word gets out more, you will be a major hit!!!!

  5. I love u'r site and visit it almost everyday. I love what u find. but would love to see more templates. i would definitely love the tutorials section and the LO section.

  6. You're doing a great job - thank you so much from us freebie-hunters! My suggestion would be keep it simple - just as you're doing.

  7. Thanks a lot to hunt all these freebies.
    I blogged about our blog yesterday.
    I really hope you'll have a lot of visitors !
    Keep on going it's OK

  8. Love you blog!
    Tutorial section would be great!

  9. Thanks!
    I like your blog the way it is, I'm afraid putting more might make it less readable, too cluttered. Anyway, do as you wish, you're the one doing the hard work ;-)
    The blogroll is impressive...