January 06, 2010

A Super Find!

There will be a category here for super finds around the world wide web.  This will include sales any anything that I feel just has to be shared. 


Today’s SUPER FIND is PSDtuts+.  There site is a great resource for Photoshop tips, tricks, tutorials and, what we all love, Freebies.  If you have been to their site, you have to check them out. 

I just had to share this site with you today because PSDtuts+ has collected over 60 floral brush sets that can be downloaded.  They provide the links to where the brushes sets can be found.  The article with the brush sets can be found here: ----> FLORAL BRUSH SETS

image TM

So don’t wait.  Head over to PSDtuts+ right now and see what fun is to be found.

1 comment:

  1. Timounette wrote on her blog about your new project so I came by to visit and I think it's a great idea. It must be quite a task so I wish you good luck and know that, even if I don't leave comments everytime, it doesn't mean I'm not appreciative.
    So, thank you in advance for sharing your hard work and looking forward to see what will be presented here.
    I'm already amazed by this brush post !!! Whaow !! Thank you so much !! It is definitely a super find !!