April 10, 2010

I’m back!!!

I apologize for pretty much disappearing.  I need to say thank you to everyone for the well wishes and for those of you wondering when I would be back. 

To answer some questions:
1. No, I didn’t get burned out.
2. Yes, I missed you.
3. Yes, I will still be around.

If you sent me a request to add your freebies, I have been reading my emails and comments but haven’t had much chance to respond.  If you don’t see a personal email from me do not be alarmed.  I will be adding any blogs that I have gotten in the requests. 

I have been extremely busy.  It’s very strange because usually at this time of year I am able to loaf around and not do much of anything.  Well, this year it seems that because our weather has been warmer than usual, there is always something to do.  I have been taking advantage of this and trying to get in some good quality time with the kids.  We have been to many parks, went on many walks, taken a few day trips, and all around enjoyed time with each other.

In any case, I am back and will try to post more often.  For now I can’t promise how often the freebies will be posted but there will be some up soon.

Have a great day and enjoy life!

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